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Redcote Farm on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal - home of Edward Depledge in 1841

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The ultimate aim of this site is the ambitious task of linking together all the various strands of the Depledge family. There are early examples of the name in the IGI distributed along an east/west line from Ormskirk in Lancashire to North Lincolnshire but the name seems to be centred around Barnsley. It was in Darton parish just outside Barnsley that the name spread rapidly in the 17th century with the many descendants of Robert Depledge and his wife Elizabeth such that I would be confident that a very high proportion of present day Depledges are likely to be their direct descendants.


(English) Dweller at the Deep Lake [Old English deop, deep; -ledge is for lache, a Northern palatal form of lake].

There is a fairly clear geographical origin for the name with the 16th century records showing concentrations of Depledges in and around Barnsley in South Yorkshire and Mottram in Longdendale at the other end of the old salt road across the Pennines through the Woodhead Pass. The earliest reference to the name is a 13thC tithe barn in Cheadle, Stockport called Depleach Hall.

Woodman Picture

John Depledge (1767 - 1841) was born in Notton in the parish of Royston and married Elizabeth Ward in Woolley in 1792. Together with their young daughter Mary, they moved to Kirkstall near Leeds around 1794 and had 5 sons who were all variously in the wood trade. John, and later his son James, described themselves as 'Woodman to the Earl of Cardigan' in trade directory entries. This connection with the Cardigans may explain their move to Kirkstall as this was around the time he purchased Hawskworth Wood. The family home was 'Hark to Rover' a well-known row of cottages in the area.

Jonathan Depledge (1796 - 1884) was one of John's nephews - also originally a woodman from Royston. Jonathan married his first wife, Jane Robinson at St. Martin in the Fields, London in May 1815, just before embarking for France to serve under Wellington at the battle of Waterloo. On his return, he was employed as a gamekeeper on the Wentworth estate of the Earl of Fitzwilliam and even had the audacity to write a letter to the Earl asking for an increase in pay . He may not have received his pay rise because he is later recorded living in Morgan County, Illinois where he enjoyed a long and apparently successful life as a farmer.
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